Monday, November 27, 2017

Lego Quest #20

Quest #20 - Repair or Replace

What can you repair or replace with LEGO? Look around your environment for things that are broken, or missing a part and see if you can 'fix' or 'substitute' with LEGO.

Can you improve or modify something to personalize it, or make it look or work more the way you want it to.

It might be a handle, tool, fence, bike part, toy, kitchen gadget, baseboard, chair leg, you name it. With LEGO I bet you can alter almost anything!

Here you can see how other kids from around the world repaired or replace for this challenge.

Check out this example of a LEGO repair job!

Lego Quest #19

Quest #19 - Wrapped Object

Create anything you like out of LEGO and wrap it with some other material so no portion of the LEGO is showing.

Is there a sense of mystery about what the wrapping conceals, or is the object easily recognizable?

Tell me what you created, what type of material you wrapped your creation in and why.

Some ideas of materials that you could use to wrap with, but looking forward to see what you use that may not be on this list;
  • string
  • lace
  • yarn
  • tape
  • cloth
  • plastic wrap
  • aluminum foil
  • play-doh
  • band aids

Lego Quest #18

Quest #18 - Flags

What is your favorite flag? Is it a flag of a country, a state, a province, a city or a town? Or is it one you've invented?

Create this flag design (you could use a 2-dimensional mosaic approach), or use the colour or design of the flag to inspire you in any number of ways.

Tell me about your creation and why you picked this particular flag.

Check out this site. They have images of all the country flags of the world.

Lego Quest #17

Quest #17 - Metamorphosis

Can you show Metamorphosis in action with Lego?

Transform your design into another in as many or as few stages as you want.

An idea to start your creative process might be to make two objects; the first stage, and the last stage of metamorphosis. Then design an object that has elements of both in it, to show the in-between stage.

This can represent an actual living thing, or it can be a totally invented entity.

Lego Quest #16

Quest #16 - Bird House

This weeks challenge is to design a bird house.

Spring is in full force and the birds are hard at work building their nests and making homes for their families.

You can create a bird house that you have seen before and are inspired by, or you can invent your own.

How about constructing a bird house that you would want to live in if you were a bird!

Think about what kind of bird lives in this house and the sounds that it makes, and even where in the world this bird lives.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Lego Quest #15

Quest #15 - Kinetic

Kinetic means motion.

What I am looking for is a creation that has one or more moving parts.

It can move by a person manipulating it (a hand crank for example)
by wind (like a windmill)
by water (like a watermill)
In a delicate balance like a mobile

These are just a few ideas, there are many other ways an object can be kinetic.

How can you create something that can move or has moving parts?

Here are all the design solutions other kids from around the world built in response to this challenge.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lego Quest #14

Quest #14 - Ancient Monument

This weeks challenge is to re-create or be inspired by an Ancient Monument.

An Ancient monument is an early historical structure worthy of preservation. 

There are Ancient Monuments found all over the world, I look forward to seeing which one inspired you!

Be sure to tell me which Ancient Monument you were inspired by and why. Where this monument exists in the world and anything else you'd like to add about your creation.